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New Machine Film Productions is a proud user of Red Digital Camera technology. Find out more about our special packages in our services menu.

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Jaco Jansen

Jaco Jansen holds a Honors degree in Motion Picture Scriptwriting, and is passionate about cinematic imagery, and visual storytelling. 

Wimpie van der Merwe

Wimpie is the writer/director of the Afrikaans feature 'Karate Kallie'.

Why Shoot RED?

"Shooting with RED is like hearing the Beatles for the first time" Steven Soderbergh

Some of the most visual directors and DP's working today are shooting with RED cameras. Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Peter Jackson,  John Schwartzman ASC, Darius Wolski ASC... the list goes on and on.

Why? Because the images are simply stunning!

The RED camera's image sensor known as the “Mysterium X” is the size of a Super 35 gate in a traditional film camera. This larger image target is what gives the 35mm film format its wonderful depth of field and selective focus, and the RED has this same size cinematic depth of field. No HDCAM video camera is able to achieve this without adaptors and image converters that are an added expense, inconvenient and sacrifice your image quality.

With RED you can take advantage of the world’s best optics too either using its PL lens mount or a specialist Nikon or Canon adaptor.

But the biggest advantage of shooting RED is its RAW recording mode. Similar to working with a RAW file from a digital SLR camera, RED-RAW gives you the most powerful non-destructive image control available in digital filmmaking today. Regardless of the format of your end-product, be it DVD, Blu-Ray, HD Broadcast, or Cinema,  your images will have all the attributes of a 35mm image and the immediacy and convenience of a pure digital image.

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