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New Machine Films is a full-service media and production company in Pretoria, Gauteng. We offer creative video services for brands with something to say.

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We’ve Been Producing Excellent Branded Content Since 2001

At New Machine Films we have a customer-centric and approach. Great. What does this actually mean? It means we listen first, and it guarantees that our creative efforts are built around your objective, nothing else. Whether you need a large audience to appreciate how you are changing the world or to clarify a new strategy to a team, you can be sure that we take the time to understand exactly what it is that you want your video to achieve.

 The latest camera tech and a measure of youthful enthusiasm will get you out of the blocks but without a clear game-plan to communicate specific ideas to a specific audience, well-meaning communications people often find themselves in a different space than they intended to be in. This is also partly the reason why so many videos look exactly the same today, without really saying anything meaningful.

At New Machine Films, we know that visual communication is an extension of your brand and that images and words matter when you want to frame yourself professionally. We understand that to craft a message that truly inspires people requires more than amazing sunsets and happy background music.

And so, we are a production company with the sensibility of a branding agency, tailor-making exceptional content for our clients.

That is what makes us different. Try us.


Effective audio-visual content is the result of a well-defined objective combined with creativity and capability.
We’re really good at it!


New Machine Films develops and produces creative brand and label content for our clients. We do this mostly by combining brilliant visual concepts from our creative team with filming on location and in-studio. We do Handmade Media.

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The key to effective communication on-screen is understanding the audience. New Machine Films is the ideal partner to work with you to design your specific message and marry your budget with the right concept. Talk to us today.

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We reduce the hassle of producing effective, targeted content for your brand through a clear and transparent process. 
What makes YOU different to your audience? Let us show you how.

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