Red Digital Cinema

New Machine Film Productions is a proud user of Red Digital Camera technology. Find out more about our special packages in our services menu.


Welcome to New Machine

New Machine Films is a Pretoria based, full-service film and video production company.

Established in 2002, we have become a reputable independent film and television production entity, working on prjects in and around South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Gabon.

We have grown from a personal business to a rigid force in the South African film industry, networking with various industry specialists, and completing bigger projects every day.

A stream of high quality, original film and television content have been produced and co-produced by NMF and partners. Since first embarking on the award-winning short film “Conscience”, The company's successes include numerous television commercials, documentaries, music videos, narrative drama and animation.

Why Us?

You would have to search far and wide to find anyone as passionate as our team. We have a true admiration and understanding of visual imagery and cinematic storytelling. whether it's narrative drama, or corporate training, we strive for the best possible quality in all that we do.

Our twelve years in the industry, combined with formal qualifications gives us the experience to go together with enthusiasm, and turn projects into realities on a daily basis.

We are also one of the few production companies around to own our own 4K production equipment. This makes us very competitive indeed.

New Machine offers a production service unlike any other you are likely to find. That is why our clients keep coming back!


High-End Digital Cinema

Things are moving fast in the world of digital cinema. Image projection technology is advancing daily, and the migration from old CRT home television to 16:9 HD screens is steadily turning every living room into a home theatre. The demand for high-end image acquisition in all audio-visual markets today is higher than ever. Audiences have become accustomed to, and insist on exceptional image and sound quality.

At New Machine we guard against disappointment by future-proof, 12bit, 4K RAW image acquisition. This means that, like shooting on 35mm negative film, your raw material will meet every expectation the future can throw at it. See it for yourself… give us a call.